Workshop Notes

Looking at the poem as a whole, are there places where punctuation, language or layout are impeding the way in which the poem works? Is it possible to pinpoint the problem and to suggest avenues to find a solution? Do comments enhance clarity while retaining the voice of the poem?

If a poem is working well, then that essential nature which is poem rather than prose will leap from the page and sing.

We need to be able to distinguish between a poem that sings and a poem that is still practising scales.

Sometimes a poem written in the first person may work better, and be more accessible to the reader, when re-drafted in the third person. A poem written in the past tense may work better in the present tense. A poem written predominately using Anglo-Saxon derived words may trip up if a Latin based word is used part way through. Simply reading aloud may uncover tongue-twisters which impede the song.