Meeting Notes 2021

Social evening

We met on Skype and after brief business matters we each read a favourite poem 'going round the table' (i.e. in the order of a list based on those present) a couple of times. Our own work was read as well as work from several poets including Seamus Heaney, Simon Armitage, Robert Frost, Roger McGough, Carole Satyamurti, Louise Gluck, Sheenagh Pugh and Wendy Cope. There were familiar favourites as well as newly published poems. There were images of downpour within a cactus stalk, words as portholes and a crisp ironed shirt. There were celebrations of nature, acknowledgements of gift and recognition of the extraordinary in the ordinary. There was humour, poignancy and connectivity. There were words to sustain and enlighten as well as to support and encourage. Everyone contributed gifts of words to the evening.

Notes by Helen Overell.

4th January 2021

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