Meeting Notes 2018

Social event with visit from Ali Clarke of Surrey Hills Art

It was good to welcome Ali Clarke from Surrey Hills Art who shared ideas about her Surrey Unearthed project and possible ways for MVP to become involved in this – one being the next anthology – and also her Travelling Reading Room project.

It was good too to welcome Maureen Jivani who thanked all in MVP for donations to CRY.

We shared refreshments and read out favourite poems. These were many and varied and included work by Anna Akhmatova, Carole Satyamurti and Jackie Kay as well as Brian Patten, Seamus Heaney and RS Thomas. There was work from the beginning of the last century and some written within the past year. There were solemn themes as well as joyous ones. There were German, Russian and American poems. There was a great interweaving and overlapping of many threads of themes.

Notes by Helen Overell.

8th January 2018

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