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Surrey Unearthed

The latest Mole Valley Poets Anthology 'Surrey Unearthed' is now available. Celebrating the Surrey Hills as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and inspired by the Surrey Unearthed project, the 2018 Mole Valley Poets Anthology invites you to wonder at the many facets of the Surrey landscape. For further information please contact the Secretary.



The Mole Valley Poets Anthology 'Murmuration' is still available. The poems in this anthology have all the swirling intensity of a murmuration with sudden switches of movement and mood, images and sentiment. Mole Valley Poets invite you into their "murmuration" of poetry. We hope you enjoy the display. For further information please contact the Secretary.


Christmas Anthology

The Mole Valley Poets Anthology 'Christmas Anthology' is still available. All profits from this anthology will go to CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) a charity which works at preventing young sudden cardiac deaths through awareness, screening and research, and supporting affected families. For further information please contact the Secretary.


Seen but not heard

The Mole Valley Poets Anthology Along the way takes the reader on a journey from Roman snails on Ranmore to the moon, from river to sea, from the North to Dorking. There are birds – swift, goldfinch, robin and magpie. There are lambs-tails and wild poppies, candles of horse-chestnut flowers. The harmonious whole is made up of distinct and individual voices. For further information please contact the Secretary.


Seen but not heard

The anthology Seen but not heard was prepared by the Mole Valley Poets in 2011. For further information please contact the Secretary.


Inscapes & Horizons

Inscapes & Horizons Reflections on Life in Verse (ISBN: 9780904849394) Helen Overell. Published by Saint Albert's Press, Faversham, Kent.

In this collection of poems Helen Overell shares intimate reflections on the world and on her own life story. Though sometimes a story of sadness and burden, it is nevertheless told with expressions of beauty, wit, and hope with which many will resonate. Her poetry reveals - in the best tradition of the Carmelite Order - an appreciation of the domestic and the natural that leads to a perception of something divine.

Available from AbeBooks 7.50


Thumbprints (ISBN 978-1-906856-53-3 Helen Overell. Published by Oversteps Books.

Gentle, perceptive, haunting poetry.

Available from Oversteps Books.

Helen Overell has the delicate eye of a painter and a precise ear for the music of a phrase. She is sensitive to the fine nuances of place and situation. As the title of the book suggests, her subject is how we leave our mark as we pass through the world. These are subtle but powerful poems that are passionate and compassionate about who we are and how we live. Tamar Yoseloff.

Helen Overell is a sensitive poet. She never writes the obvious whether she is describing a patch of vegetation on a moor, magpies, a herd of goats in Jordan holding up a minibus or the behaviour of people in a care home. Close observation is expressed in telling and delicate language. The poems in Thumbprints carry an unstated empathy and a deep spirituality. They stay in the mind long after they have been read. Myra Schneider.

There is a gentle haunting in Helen Overell's second collection: Thumbprints (Oversteps 2015.) The collection stayed with me after I finished reading: certain images, a turn of phrase here and there, lingered long enough for me to want to return to the poems. Her poetic skills include the accumulation of sharply observed details, a smoothness of syntax, and a precision in language. Here, in work that takes science and nature for subject matter, are poems that encompass both the corporal and the ethereal: Her opening poem, 'Kaleidoscope', promises the reader a taste of what is to come: a sense of shifting perspectives, always rich in detail, always pleasing to the eye, always leaving the reader wanting to turn the page in order to witness the "marvels [that] burst into being ..." And throughout the collection, poems that examine familiar territory such as illness, aging, the holocaust, grief, do so in a fresh and compassionate light, always ending with a note of hope. Thumbprints was a pleasure to read and I shall read it again and recommend it to others. Maureen Jivani.


Light Shines Through

The anthology Light shines through was prepared by the Mole Valley Poets in 2009. For further information please contact the Secretary.


From Cradle To Grave
Kenyan Journey

All collections "available from the author"


Pocketing the Tide

Pocketing the Tide

Diana Webb

32 haibun and 17 haiku – most previously published and some award-winning – from Diana Webb, devotee of the Mole Valley, recent grandmother and strong believer in the power of recapturing childlike wonder and expressing it through haibun and haiku. Diana, who currently edits Time Haiku, has published five haiku books with Hub Editions and also one previous haibun collection, Takeaway. The first 6 people who order a copy of her new book will receive a free copy of Takeaway.

A sample of content:


Over the footpath's curve across the bridge, an obstacle, formed of fronds from the bank below hangs in our way. Softly we swish through. 'Wil-low.' I balance out each syllable. Say 'willow, willow.' His smile reflects the water's gleam beneath.

to and fro
through an Indian summer
the playground swing

What people have said about Pocketing the Tide:

'An introspection of subjects, rather than self, is the delicate enterprise of Diana Webb's fine collection of haibun. A poet whose interests are wide, she celebrates family, friends, other people, other times, places near and dear to her heart; touching points of incidence as diverse as the everyday, spirituality and nature. The superb control of tone, the subtle interplay of rhythm, sound and meaning, the acute sensibility with which she garners stories from many sources combine in a consistent text. Here you will find subtle vignettes on nature, history, memory and landscape, each short piece filled with insight, sensitivity and brilliance. The accompany haiku are luminous and elegant in their simplicity and wisdom. A finely considered inspection of fragility and transience is balanced by sophisticated confidence.'
– Patricia Prime, Kokako

'In these pieces the 'feast of Epiphany' moves out into the fields where the beauty of rose windows is apprehended again in the flash of a kingfisher. 'Alleluia', the poet cries as in moments of wondrous sight matter become mindful.'
– Paul Matthews, poet and educator

To order:

UK customers: 10.00 post free from Alba Publishing, PO Box 266, Uxbridge UB9 5NX (cheques to "Alba Publishing", BACS payments* to 18-00-02, ac 06253291). If you pay by BACS please email with name and address.
Overseas customers: US$12 / €12 + P&P via Paypal (

Alba Publishing, paperback pp96, ISBN 9780-9572592-9-4



Inroads A A Marcoff.

For further information please contact the Secretary.

Once Again the Heron

Once Again the Heron A A Marcoff.

For further information please contact the Secretary.

Appearances and Worlds

Appearances & Worlds A A Marcoff.

For further information please contact the Secretary.

Wild Suns

Wild Suns (ISBN: 978-1-903746-67-7) A A Marcoff. Published by Hub Editions.

For further information please contact the Secretary.

The Dialectics of Rain

The Dialectics of Rain (ISBN: 1-903746-55-8) A A Marcoff. Published by Hub Editions.

For further information please contact the Secretary.